Everything you need to know about setting up your new store on Maker2u & Maker2uCellar.

Welcome to our growing community of artisan makers from around NZ. 

Maker2u is made up of two different marketplaces; Maker2u.com for all none alcohol products and Maker2ucellar.com for all alcohol products. (This is because of the alcohol license) Maker2uCellar has an alcohol license so if you are an alcohol producer you don’t need one to sell on Maker2uCellar! 

Maker2u allows you to sell directly to shoppers and wholesale buyers, and receive 95% of the price. (excluding credit card fee)

  • It is free to set up a store on Maker2u & Maker2uCellar. 
  • The marketplace charges 5% commission (plus credit card fee) on sales which includes both the product and shipping price.

To set up your new store on Maker2u or Maker2u Cellar, please follow the steps below: 

Please click here to view the ‘how to create a store video: https://youtu.be/BNOKuNEqn78

  1.  Click on here: https://maker2u.com/my-account-2/  for none alcohol products. or click here: https://maker2ucellar.com/my-account-2/  for selling alcohol products. 
  2. Fill in the details under ‘register’. 
  3. Make sure you click ‘I am a Vendor’. 
  4. Click ‘I have read the ‘Terms and Conditions’. 
  5. We will then send you an email with your username and password. 
  6.  Go to https://maker2u.com/my-account-2/  or https://maker2ucellar.com/my-account-2/   and log in. 
  7. Fill in the details of your business and products. 
  8. Maker2u is for volume buying so make the “products” economic volumes for direct shipping (such as “6 jars of X”). 
  9. Fill in the wholesale prices if you want to sell to cafes etc… 

For a more detailed discussion on setting up your store please watch our simple “How To” video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/BNOKuNEqn78

If you have any questions or if you would like some help please contact: info@maker2u.com

Setting up the products in your store.

To set up a new product in your store, click on the “products” tab on the left hand menu of your store’s dashboard, then click “Add new product”. Follow the advice below to set up your products for success:

Write a helpful Product Name: 

Maker2u allows shoppers to use site-search to find the product type they want – such as “jam”. Search relies on the words used in the ‘Product Name’ and ‘Tags’. So, in the Product Name, please include the generic word for that type of product.

So ‘Sallys Strawberry Jam’ is a better product name than ‘Sallys Strawberry Delight’ because the latter doesn’t mention that its “jam”. Please email info@maker2u.com  if you would like advice. 

Use good product images:

  • Your product images need to be 600 x 600 pixels. 
  • Make sure your images are not blurred and not too big!  
  • If you are having trouble ask us to resize images for you. 
  • When you upload your image you will see a ‘title’ for the image and also an ‘ALT text’ area. Please create a title that describes what the product is, and also describe the product briefly in the ‘ALT text’ area. The Title and the ALT text will tell Google what the image shows.

Create useful product descriptions: 

Each product has a short and a long product description. Please create a short description (which displays on the right side of the product image) and a longer description (which displays on the bottom of the product image). In the descriptions tell the customer about your product: 

  • What type of product is it? 
  • Whats important or different about the product? 
  • What’s in your product? 
  • Where and how is your product is made? 
  • What benefits does the product offer a customer? 
  • How to use the product? 
  • Why the product is unique or special? 

Use your lowest anywhere pricing: 

Maker2u is intended to allow shoppers to buy direct from makers and thereby get a much better deal than elsewhere online or in shops. To allow you to give buyers a great deal Maker2u gives you back 95% (excluding credit card). The success of Maker2u for all makers depends on you maintaining this value perception with customers. If you can’t match your product’s lowest price anywhere on Maker2u then please email us about this info@maker2u.com  

Set up economic “product” bundles: 

Buyers on Maker2u are paying for shipping. To make this economic for them we suggest you show your best prices you can  – and for some makers, that you scale up the size of your “product” bundles to help absorb the fixed costs of freight. We recommend “products” are bundles such as cases of wine or 6 packs of jars etc… 

Create useful product “Tags”:

Tags’ are words that our search engine uses to identify your products. Please include tags in each product in your store. The tags should be generic words such as “jam”, “salami”, “pinot noir” that customers will use to describe your product. For a cat food product, a very useful tag would be “pet food”. 

Choose product Categories accurately: 

Please only select the correct categories for your product. For example, only select ‘Organic’ if the product is a certified organic product (not just if it is a natural product). Please let us know if there are categories we need to add to Maker2u to fit your product. This is often the case with new makers. 

Set up your products for wholesale: 

Maker2u allows you to sell directly to wholesale customers through the same store and we’ll be actively promoting the marketplace to cafes, bars and restaurants. You can add a wholesale price and volume to each product in your store. These prices will only be visible to approved wholesale customers who are logged in. 

Great wholesale bundles and prices

       If you are wanting to sell wholesale on Maker2u, you should create wholesale bundles in your store that are designed for hospitality buyers. For example a box of 24 jars of jam – with a great wholesale price.

       Please note: If you use the default NZ Post Rate Finder shipping calculator (Which we do not recommend, we recommend using the ‘custom shipping option instead) it’s very important you create wholesale “products” and measure the exact parcel dimensions of that “bundled” product ready for shipping. The software isn’t as sophisticated as humans at stacking items, it just puts one on top of the other up to 1.5m. The system will not allow orders of “individual” products that stack to exceed 1.5M. Please get in touch if this is confusing: info@maker2u.com

Add your wholesale products to the ‘wholesale’ Category and use ‘wholesale’ as one of your tags:

Only registered wholesale buyers will see your wholesale prices. Once you’ve created a wholesale bundled “product”  (such as a box of 10 salamis), make it easy for hospitality buyers to find your product by adding it to the “wholesale” category. You do this in the product’s settings. Also in the settings add “wholesale” to the product tags. Get in touch if you have any questions: info@maker2u.com

Two shipping options:

      we have two shipping-cost-calculator options for you to choose from. These are detailed below and outlined in our new shipping video. Please watch this video here:

        New Shipping Instructional Video

        Shipping Option 1 – Default Setting.

        Due to customer feedback, the default settings in Maker2u stores were changed to make shipping more economical for customers) The default setttings in a store on Maker2u are now as folllows:

  1. Base rate for any customer order of $5.50
  2. Per additional product added to order rate of $0.5
  3. Rural deliveries from store are enabled
  4. Rural delivery charges of $2
  5. Free Shipping for orders over $100

All of these settings can be adjusted to suit the makers requirements.

If #2, the Per additional product charge, is left at $0 then this is what is called offering a ‘Flat Rate’ and the store will then automatically display a badge advertising the flat shipping rate offered.

There are other features which the maker can also use, such as limiting regions that their store serves (good for perishable products). The store can also have a different charge for different regions added.

“State” (Region) shipping price:

This allows you to add an additional charge for any parcel that is going to a particular region of NZ that you select from the drop-down list. If you live in the South Island you might add a charge of $2 for regions at the bottom of the North Island and $3 for regions at the top of the North Island.

Click the + to the right to add further regions to your list.

Shipping Options 2. Automatic rate calculator (NZ Post rate finder) – PLEASE NOTE – THIS OPTIONS IS NOT RECOMMENDED!

Initially the NZPost rate finder was the default system for calculating shipping. However customers found it too expensive. We have kept it as an option makers can use. But it is no longer the default. Please find below details of how the (not recommended) NZPost rate finder system works.

The NZPost ‘Rate Finder’ simply generates the shipping cost charged to the customer. The maker is free to spend this money with their preferred courier.

  • This shipping system generates a shipping cost based on the NZPost’s standard service levels.
  • Maker2u will pass that shipping payment to you, less 5% commission (plus credit card fee)
  • You will use the funds received to book shipping of an equivalent type with a courier of your choice which may be NZPost.
  • You must enter the weight (kg) and dimensions (length, width, height in cm) in all your product settings if you are using this option – as this is how the rate finder calculates cost.
  • If you have not entered any weights or dimensions for your product. Maker2u will generate a default product weight and dimensions for you (which will not be accurate)

Give Customers a Great Service!

Maker2u is a cooperative project. It’s up to makers to ensure it’s a success for everyone using the marketplace. We will reinvest the sites revenue to make it better and better for you.

  1. Set your prices as low as you can. The whole idea of Maker2u is that shoppers can get a good deal by buying directly from the maker rather than through a distributor.
  2. Create bundled products at a price that encourages shoppers to think of Maker2u as a place to buy more cheaply in bulk, direct from the maker.
  3. Use “Custom Shipping” to set low shipping fees. Free shipping is an idea some makers are seriously looking at.
  4. Ensure your products are high quality.
  5. Ship your orders as quickly as possible.
  6. Pack your orders very well.
  7. Use a high-quality courier service.
  8. Resolve any customer service issues quickly and to the customer’s satisfaction.
  9. Promote Maker2u to your friends on Instagram, Facebook and other social media.

Payments from Maker2u to you:

We pay our makers once a week following your sales. At the moment we pay you using your bank account number so please make sure you enter your account number in your store settings. We will soon pay you through Paypal so if you need to get a Paypal account please click here:  https://www.paypal.com/ca/for-you/account/create-account

Let us know if you have any questions about this. info@maker2u.com

  • You get paid 95% (excluding credit card fee) of the product price + shipping price the week following your sales.

Please act cooperatively

Maker2u is a platform where small businesses around New Zealand can cooperate to attract many new customers and improve their margins. There are several things you can do to ensure Maker2u succeeds for yourself and others. 

  • Recommend Maker2u to contacts and friends.

    We’re a small self funded team. If every maker helps us to build awareness of the marketplace by sharing it with their contacts, then the marketplace will survive and grow despite the minimal commissions funding it, because we won’t have to fund expensive marketing. A win for everyone. 

  • Give customers a great experience.

    Put sensibly large product bundles on Maker2u at the most competitive price point possible. Make sure the tags and titles of your product are accurate so shoppers find the right products easily. Send customers high quality, well packaged products. If there are any issues with a product or delivery please resolve these ASAP. Be courteous and positive with shoppers and be supportive of each other’s businesses on the marketplace.