How Maker2u Works For Sellers:

  • Maker2u has two parts. is the licence marketplace for alcohol. is for groceries and health and beauty products.

  • It is free for small NZ producers to create a store on Maker2u or Maker2uCellar.

  • Orders from your Maker2u store are emailed to you and you fulfil them directly from your premises.

  • The marketplace charges 13.5% commission on product sales and 5% on shipping.

  • The marketplace is integrated with the NZPost Rate Finder which allows automated calculation of shipping rates. But makers can use any courier they wish. Makers can also opt out of using the automated Rate Finder and manually set up their own courier rates. In all instances the Maker will receive the money for shipping and book an equivalent service to the one the customer has paid for with their preferred courier.

  • Very remote rural makers should use a town pick up address (such as a local chemist or post office) where possible to reduce shipping costs.

  • You need to have the weight (kg) and dimensions (cm) of each product correctly entered to allow the default NZPost Rate Finder shipping calculation.

  • Maker2u will combine whatever range of products your customer buys from your store during a visit into one parcel based on the combined weight or combined dimension. Which ever is larger. It calculates combined dimension by taking the item with the largest footprint (W x L) and then stacking the other items various heights (H) onto it.

  • If the parcel exceeds 25kg then Maker2u will automatically split this into two parcels if you are using the default NZPost Rate Finder for your shipping pricing.

  • You need to have your business address entered correctly to allow the marketplace to calculate shipping.

  • We suggest you list ‘products’ that are bundles/multiples, not single items, for shipping efficiencies.

  • You will receive the orders from Maker2u or Maker2uCellar by email. You will need to print your own shipping labels.

  • We pay you 86.5% of the product price on the 20th day of the month following sale, plus the full shipping cost that was charged to the buyer – 5% commission.

  • You can ‘close’ your store to customers whenever you like for holidays using the ‘vacation’ mode.

  • Your store has stock control which helps you manage the volume of orders you will receive.

  • The marketplace commission (of 13.5%) pays for the credit card fees, the marketing costs of getting shoppers to your store as well as the hosting and maintenance of the marketplace.

  • There is a wholesale feature which allows you to enter a wholesale price and a minimum wholesale volume for cafe’s, bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.. to buy from you through Maker2u.

  • We collaborate very closely with our makers and are happy to add any new product ‘categories’ you need and develop any new features that makers suggest.

Please click the button below to view the guidelines on ‘How to set up your store’ on Maker2u

How Maker2u Works for Buyers:

  • Maker2u and Maker2uCellar are marketplaces where you can browse and buy directly from hundreds of artisan businesses around NZ.

  • By shopping on Maker2u and Maker2u Cellar you are supporting the small businesses around NZ that create high value jobs and stronger communities.

  • On Maker2u you purchase products directly from the maker, with no middlemen, so 86.5% of the retail price goes to a small NZ business (And the marketplace pays the credit card processing fees).

  • Maker2u is a great place to buy healthy, organic and sustainable products online direct from the makers.

  • When buying on Maker2u, we suggest that you buy in larger quantities so that shipping costs are more easily absorbed. ie, buying 6 bottles of wine instead of 1, or 3 jars of jam instead of 1 from a maker.

  • Buy for the month rather that for the week. (Unless it is fruit and vegetables)

  • You place your orders through each individual maker stores. You are charged a separate shipping fee for the goods coming from each maker.

  • The maker then fulfils your order and packages it up for you.

  • There is a feedback section within each store and for each product in the marketplace. All feedback, negative or positive, is helpful for the maker and other shoppers.