Our Mission

Maker2u is New Zealand’s online Boutique Marketplace.

Maker2u allows makers of artisan products to sell directly to consumers and other businesses around New Zealand without middle men, putting most of the sale price back into the hands of the hard working entrepreneurs building businesses in New Zealand’s regions.

In a world where the large companies that process New Zealand’s primary products are actively looking to deploy robotics to replace their human inputs, to create 24 hr shift human-less milk drying factories, human-less packing plants; Maker2u seeks to mobilise consumer preference to reverse that trend back to small businesses where human inputs are valued. To provide consumers with the option to buy directly from thousands of small makers where human labour and creativity are the primary input.

Maker2u is being developed every day by a passionate team to be a launchpad for new and existing businesses to grow and succeed in New Zealand’s regions and become the national and international success stories in our future.

We know that it’s the small businesses in our regions that create better communities, that will give our children jobs which are worthwhile and valuable, that will help New Zealanders gain access to higher quality, ethically sourced and locally made products at a good cost.

Maker2u invites you on a journey with us to employ all of the latest technologies in home delivery to bridge the gap between our country’s makers and shoppers. To create a future where thousands more Kiwi’s build businesses that express their creativity and passions.

How Maker2u Works For Sellers:

  • Maker2u has two parts. Maker2uCellar.com is the licenced marketplace for alcohol. Maker2u.com is for Groceries, Health & Beauty, Pet, Garden, Homeware, Clothing, Accessories, Shoes, Furniture and Art.

  • It is Free for small New Zealand producers to create a store on Maker2u or Maker2uCellar.

  • Orders from your Maker2u store are emailed to you and you fulfil them directly from your premises.

  • The marketplace charges 5% commission on sales (plus credit card fee)

  • We suggest that some makers list ‘products’ in their store that are packs/bundles/multiples, not single items, for shipping efficiencies. Do not list single items for sale. Offer good value on volume purchasing.

  • You will receive the orders from Maker2u or Maker2uCellar by email.

  • We pay you 95% (excluding the credit card fee) of the product and shipping price every week following your sales.

  • You can ‘close’ your store to customers whenever you like for holidays using the ‘vacation’ mode.

  • Your store has stock control which helps you manage the volume of orders you will receive.

  • There is a wholesale feature which allows you to enter a wholesale price and a minimum wholesale volume for cafe’s, bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.. to buy from you through Maker2u and Maker2uCellar.

  • We collaborate very closely with our makers and are happy to add any new product ‘categories’ you need and develop any new features that makers suggest.

Please click the button below to view the guidelines on ‘How to set up your store’ on Maker2u

How Maker2u Works for Buyers:

  • Maker2u and Maker2uCellar are marketplaces where you can browse and buy directly from hundreds of small Kiwi businesses. It’s a great way to shop local..

  • By shopping on Maker2u and Maker2uCellar you are supporting small businesses from all around New Zealand that create high value jobs and stronger communities.

  • On Maker2u you purchase products directly from the maker, with no middlemen. 95% (excluding the credit card fee) of the sale price goes back to the small Kiwi business who sold you the products.

  • Maker2u is a great place to buy healthy, organic and sustainable products online direct from the makers all around New Zealand.

  • When buying on Maker2u, we suggest that with some makers you buy in larger quantities so that shipping costs are more easily absorbed. ie, buying 6 bottles of wine instead of 1.  3 jars of jam instead of 1. Most makers will offer free shipping over a minimum spend. This offer will be displayed as a badge on their store.

  • Buy for the month rather that for the week in the Groceries department. (Unless it is fruit and vegetables)

  • You place your orders through each individual makers store. You are charged a separate shipping fee for the goods coming from each maker.

  • The maker then packages up your order and fulfils it to you via a courier firm.

  • There is a feedback section within each store and for each product in the marketplace. All feedback, negative or positive, is helpful for the maker and other shoppers.

  • Maker2u is committed to building stronger communities and we are doing everything we can to help Maker2u be a platform that supports Kiwi families and small Kiwi businesses.