Suzy and Hamish - Co Founders

Hamish and Suzy Hutton - Maker2u

About Maker2u

Suzy and Hamish Hutton created Maker2u because they were getting fed up with seeing their friends, who were artisan wine makers, see all their profits from their hard work go to the supermarkets.

They could see that this was the case across all small businesses selling boutique products. So Hamish came up with the idea of bringing all the countries small artisan makers together on one platform to sell direct to customers, without any middlemen. That idea is where the name Maker2u came from.

Suzy, being a web developer with a passion for helping small businesses, decided that she would build the marketplace.  It took her 2.5 years to build Maker2u and it was finally finished and ready for makers to create stores in December 2019. In March 2020 as the lockdown began in NZ, Suzy and Hamish launched Maker2u to the New Zealand public with 150 NZ makers. This grew quickly to over 400 NZ makers in one year.

The team then decided that they wanted to help makers in the UK as well (as this is where Suzy is from). So in November 2021 they launched Maker2u UK. Now Artisan UK makers can set up their stores on  and sell direct to UK customers.

Suzy and Hamish are so passionate about helping small businesses succeed that they have made Maker2u free for artisan makers to join, and they have set the commission as low as possible to just 5% (plus credit card fee) to help makers obtain the profit margins they deserve.

The team keep adding new categories to Maker2u as their understanding of the artisan community grows. Recently they added a home and living section which allows artisan makers of art, furniture, jewellery, clothing and more to sell direct to customers through their own store on Maker2u.